Bmw k100 options.

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Bmw k100 options.

Post by Racin_Rhino »

Looking for options to regear my smart cdi k100 rs as it revs too high on the interstate.
I already have the higher 5th gear and Hubert's rear gearset.
Currently run out of rpm at 88mph (4500rpm)
Hubert does not have the input gears available at this time.

I know there was a 6spd conversion for this transmission used in side car racing and I believe there is a way to make it 4spd with a wider gear spread. But I can't find any info on either of those things. Has anyone got a set of Hubert input gears they'd sell? Or info on how to do the 6 speed modifications?
I'm open to ideas.
1990 K100 RS WITH OM660.
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Re: Bmw k100 options.

Post by Stuart »

Seen at the U.K. rally last week:

Long angle drive and short ist gear
I can currently use Paralever for all K75, K100 and with the new longitudinal gearing also for the K1100 offer a spiral bevel gear set for the rear wheel - angle drive with a ratio of 1: 2.38. The overall translation is therefore approx. 22% to 34% faster, depending on the initial translation.
The offer is €440/piece.
I can also offer a single gear with 15 teeth, which only makes 1st gear about 7% slower in order to protect the clutch discs when starting. The offer for this is €110/piece.
All gears offered are in new, unused condition!
The gears are manufactured by a renowned gear manufacturer and have It has proven its stability in everyday life over many 1000 km in several countries since 2010. To date there has not been a single complaint. Since only a limited number of items are available, the offer is only valid until they are all sold.
As of: January 2023
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