Honda Super Dream Kubota 500cc z482

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Honda Super Dream Kubota 500cc z482

Post by Tim » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:38 pm

Listed on eBay item 303948120852

Touring bike based on Honda Superdream

The engine is a Kubota z482 series Diesel engines (500cc twin cylinder ) it’s combined with the original 6 speed Superdream gearbox . This combination just fits into the original frame without need to stretch the frame .

Fantastic on fuel upto 120 mpg . It has an inter cooler and turbocharger which gives it a little extra at the top end .

What it like to drive .... it is bit like driving and lorry not much of a power band but all torque and its fun to keep it on the boil if you want the max out of it .
Kind of very pleasing faint turbo whine and at 50 mph the engine noise isn’t noticeable above the noise of the wind .
If you want arm wrenching performance this isn’t for you ! It maxes at 65 to 70 mph but happy all day long flat out .

The bike done approx 3000miles since the build (6years ago ) it’s been dry stored for the last 3 years
It would benefit from cosmetic upgrade

12 months MOT ( age exempt for MOT and Tax but technically needed due to modifications )

It’s sensible to point out that you need to be an enthusiast and reasonably competent at maintaining bikes or this could be expensive for you . Another way of thinking being if you don’t like tinkering or servicing your own bike It’s possibly a poor choice for you !

Techo bits
The engine is starts and stops on the key it has automatic preheat, has low oil pressure and over temperature warning system.
Fuel is twin filter gravity feed . The gearbox is a pressure fed self contained oil system . Has Rev-counter, engine temperature and boost pressure gauge .
System has a 35amp alternator and pressurised liquid cooling system with thermostatically controlled fans . Primary transmission is via toothed drive belt and multi plate dry clutch .
Has electricity heated grips and power feed socket for heated gloves . The tyres front and back are new . All the major components where possible use common available parts

I wanted a touring bike that was simple , easy to fix and ultra reliable + super mpg and run on oil , 20 years ago started building diesel motorcycles , I’m now selling off 8th and 9th bikes
This is the 8th bike made .

Happy to spend some time if desired to chat through maintenance tips and general helpful information looking after it, certainly be able to offer support in the future

YouTube video show a general walk around search “Diesel Honda Superdream Mk8 “

I have also put on YouTube a short ride on one search “Diesel Super Dream Mk 9 ride out “ or copy paste.

It up for auction but would do £1900 if your a member of this forum and plan to attend the big knock events !
Cheers Tim

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